Cat Travel Tips

Traveling with cats can be a stressful experience, mostly because cats do not take easily to traveling. They would be much happier remaining at home, and having a pet sitter, neighbor, or friend to look after them. There are times when you can’t find a reliable pet sitter, and have no choice but to take your cat along for the trip. With the right preparations, however, and these cat travel tips, you can keep your cat happy and healthy.Whenever you go on some type of journey with your cat, you will need to bring a cat carrier. The cat can be prepared for the carrier before the trip by leaving the carrier out with the flap open. Give the cat incentive to explore the carrier by placing a treat inside, or its favorite toy. Praise the cat if it enters the carrier on its own and when it is time to travel, it will have no problem staying inside.If you are traveling by car, ask the vet for medication that can be used to prevent this or to treat it once it happens. Don’t feed a cat sooner than three hours before departing on your journey and remember to bring a supply of food and water. Also, remember to bring paper towels and a garbage bag, in case you need to clean the carrier.Ensure good ventilation in the car before departing, especially if it is an exceptionally hot day. Remember to never leave your cat alone in the car, even on a mildly hot day, because heat builds up inside a closed car. Heat stroke is a very dangerous condition that can happen very quickly in a parked car.When traveling by plane, make sure the airline you’re traveling with allows cats to stay with you. If your airline does allow the cat to stay with you, make sure it has room to move around in its carrier. If the cat has to be carried as cargo, so you will need a crate that meets the specifications of the airline you’re traveling with. It is best to put some familiar items in the crate with your pet because this experience can be a bit traumatic for them the first time around.These cat travel tips should make your next travel experience less stressful for both you and your feline. Just remember to take the proper precautions with your cat’s health and to make sure the cat’s trip is a comfortable one. With the proper preparations, you can turn what would have been a troublesome trip into a relatively stress free experience.